About Us

The Tardi family are happy to announce we are the new owners of Lac Du Tard. Our aim is to improve the venue to make it one of the best venues in all of France. We have a firm plan for the future of the lake and are looking forward to meeting all of the current customers.


We are a family run business and operate on family values offering a warm welcoming personal experience as well some excellent fishing. We are all very friendly and approachable and we are looking to give you a relaxing fishing holiday with us as well as catching some of the countries best carp. As well as Lac Du Tard we own and operate 2 other lakes nearby which are Bluewater lakes and Waterside France as well a fishery in England, Waterside Fishery. The team at waterside consists of Gary the Owner, Kris who is Garys son is the fishery manager, Jamie who is also Garys son.