The Rules

1 - Micro barbed hooks.

2 - Mats and slings are provided by us please do not bring your own.

3 - Please bring your own nets they have to be bone dry on arrival.

4 - Rig tubing and Korda lead clip leader .

5 - Three Rods per person.

6 - Carp care kit required. 

7 - Boilie, pellet only
( pellet have to be purchased on sight)

8 - Bait boats allowed. 

9 - All carp above 45lb reported to a Bailiff including grass carp before returned.

10-No dogs.

11- No fires.

12 - BBQs are permitted but have to be raised of the floor.

13 - No entry before 1pm on Saturday of arrival have to be off sight by 10am following Saturday.

14 - You can drive to your swim to unload.

15 - if using the on-sight boat to put bait out life jackets have to be worn.

16 - We have done away with rule about the mcf dumper clip. You can use any drop of system fished safely. Please don’t be offended if a bailiff has a look at your rigs some point during the week.

17 - If you get a fish snagged in the weed please ask a Bailiff for help.

18 - Fish should not be retained at any time unless waiting for a bailiff to come round if the fish is over 45lb.

19 - No braided mainline.