• Jamie Tardi

Catch Report for 9th - 16th of March 2019

We had our first group on the lake for this season and they have had a great week. Although weather has not been on their side the group have stuck it out and with a little bit of help from our new baliff Mark, they have really pulled it out the bag. With a total haul of 16 fish in total, some early season crackers have emerged : Dave in the Lonely swim : 55lb 8oz Common PB now named “Big D”

52lb 4oz Golden Common named “The Golden Common”

43lb 4oz Common

48lb 4oz Mirror

44lb 10oz Mirror

33lb 4oz Mirror

Ian on the Beach Swim

56lb 12oz common named “Neenaw”

50lb 12oz Mirror named “Old Bill”

39lb Common

33lb 8oz Mirror

31lb 8oz Mirror

30lb Sturgeon


60lb 2oz Mirror PB (name to follow)

46lb 4oz Mirror

36lb Mirror

33lb 4oz Mirror


30lb Sturgeon “Sammy”

Lac Du Tard Team

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