Swim Layout

Lac Du Tard is a stunning 14 acre lake with an island, set in the famous Champagne region of France - just ten minutes from the market town of Vitry le Francois, and an easy 4 hour drive (with a stop) from the ports of Calais and Dunkerque.

The lake is fully enclosed and has lockable gates. There are 10 swims, some of which could easily be doubles for a maximum of 8 anglers. This gives anglers plenty of room, with some swims having the option of fishing the island and others having plenty of open water.

There are various features to each swim, although the lake bed is fairly uniform and mainly gravel, this helps to ensure that the fish visit most areas, giving all swims a good chance.

There are no Poisson Chat, Bream or Crayfish present.

There are English style toilets and shower facilities at one end of the lake, with an additional flush toilet for the swims away from the main toilet and shower block.

There are also facilities for charging of batteries for bait boats and phones etc. And of course adequate freezer and fridge space for bait and food.

lake-diagram (2).jpg